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The Truth About Vaping

What are some other names for vapes?

E-cigs, vape pens, pod vapes, e-hookahs, vaporizers or mods. These are all common names for vapes.

Are vapes like cigarettes?

Not exactly, vapes do not produce smoke, instead they produce an aerosol mist which comes from heating a liquid. The liquid usually contains nicotine or other chemicals.

Is vaping safe during pregnancy?

The aerosol inhaled by a person using a vape device, is full of tiny particles of nicotine, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals. Some of these chemicals are known to cause birth defects.

Nicotine is a drug that affects the brain and body in many ways. It causes blood vessels to narrow meaning less oxygen and few nutrients can get to your growing baby. Nicotine can harm your baby’s brain development. It can also slow down the growth of your baby’s lungs. Nicotine use during pregnancy can lead to still birth or early labor.

The health effects of inhaling the chemicals used for flavorings are not fully known. Early studies suggest certain flavorings can be harmful to the lungs.

Is secondhand aerosol from vaping dangerous?

Just like secondhand smoke, the aerosol exhaled by a person who is vaping has ultra-fine particles of toxins known to cause cancer. For your own health and the health of your growing baby, it is best to avoid breathing in secondhand aerosol.


Vaping is often talked about as a safe way to smoke. This might lead women to think vaping while pregnant is okay. The truth is, vaping just like smoking cigarettes can be harmful to your health and the health of your unborn baby. If you would like more information visit on the Internet.



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