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What questions should I ask before I decide to have an abortion?

Making a pregnancy choice is a major decision. You need to know as much as you can before you make a decision. It is important to ask yourself questions and ask your doctor questions.

It’s your right to have access to safe and reputable healthcare. It is your doctor’s responsibility to make sure you are informed. Your doctor must give you important information before an abortion.

Questions to Ask Myself

Is this my decision or am I feeling pressured by any other person or circumstance?

Do I feel rushed to make a decision? If so, for what reason?

What was my opinion of abortion before my pregnancy?

Have I explored all the support and other options available to me, including parenting or adoption?

Have I considered how I might feel about this decision in the future…in one month, nine months, years from now?

Am I making a permanent decision based on temporary circumstances?

Do I have a support person to go through the physical and emotional challenges of an abortion?

Questions to Ask an Abortion Provider

Is counseling provided for me to discuss my options?

What procedures are available to me in the clinic?

Will the procedures and risks be explained to me?

What is the name of the doctor providing the procedure?

Will I be able to view an ultrasound and ask my doctor questions before the procedure is performed?

Will I be told what complications can occur and when to seek medical attention if I experience any?

Will the doctor provide follow-up care?

Can I change my mind at any time and get a full refund of any money paid?

Bottom Line

It is crucial to ask the right questions of yourself and an abortion provider before you make a decision. You can talk to someone you trust to listen and help sort the information out. You can also contact us; we are good listeners. Our center is free and confidential.



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